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CopperPoint Created to Amplify Family Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical Businesses

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (October 2022) – Every family business knows the challenge of legacy preservation. That is one of the reasons third-generation plumber Bobby Hamilton created CopperPoint: to help family-owned plumbing, heating, air and electrical companies preserve and grow their businesses. Hamilton, a former Nexstar Master Trainer, partnered with senior investment strategist Wesley Brown and 1248 Holdings, a highly successful and entrepreneurial family office, to deeply impact family organizations in his industry.

Bobby Hamilton, Cofounder, CopperPoint
Bobby Hamilton, Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, CopperPoint

“There comes a point in every family enterprise – especially for those in the copper-based, home-services trades – where owners and management must decide: do we sell, or not? CopperPoint provides a third alternative,” said Hamilton, CopperPoint’s Chief Executive Officer. “With our approach, family owners can keep their legacy intact while exponentially growing their people and profits.”

CopperPoint’s investment goal is to maintain the leadership of home-services companies, while turbocharging their growth and earnings. “We want to partner with good people to build exceptional businesses,” said 1248 Holdings Managing Director Christian Scharosch. “Founding CopperPoint to help entrepreneurs fits perfectly with 1248’s mission to empower new beginnings. We are a family-owned private investment company with strong roots, built on the entrepreneurial spirits of Gene Bicknell and his son Marty Bicknell.”

1248 President Marty Bicknell – who is also Founder and CEO of Mariner Wealth Advisors – said, “Over fifteen years ago, I started Mariner with one simple goal in mind: to build a wealth advisory firm that puts the client first, associate second and shareholder last. We see tremendous opportunity in home-services businesses with a similar entrepreneurial and people-focused spirit, being able to lift them up and make them even more successful.”

Wesley Brown, cofounder, CopperPoint
Wesley Brown, Co-founder, Chief Financial Officer, CopperPoint

The third founding partner, CopperPoint Chief Financial Officer Wesley Brown, is a senior investment professional with deep experience in transactions. “I’m intimately familiar with the financial opportunities – and pitfalls – of collaborating with business owners to help them grow their businesses,” Brown said. “We’re excited to invest in companies with strong values alignment, which want to grow.”

Brown’s experience investing in individual companies, combined with his strong background in finance, make him a perfect complement to Hamilton’s industry strengths. “At CopperPoint, we want to positively impact as many people as possible,” Brown said.

Turning Knowledge Into Action

CopperPoint’s distinctive approach is partially based on Hamilton’s former role as a Nexstar Master Trainer. His theology on how to improve and escalate home-services companies has guided thousands of tradesmen across the country. After nearly two decades, Hamilton knows that training alone is not enough to create explosive growth.

“At CopperPoint, we turn knowledge into action, advancing companies to become better than they thought possible,” Hamilton said. “Our support allows business owners to focus on their people – their employees, customers and themselves – while we act on the litany of tasks that can distract an owner.” CopperPoint and 1248 Holdings will provide a variety of support services, including finance, accounting, legal, information technology and human resources.

“We look to invest in like-minded companies with a strong desire for exceptional service,” Hamilton continued. “My love of the trades, expertise in team building, and keen insights into what it takes to run and grow a multi-million-dollar business are three key reasons CopperPoint is different from any other company investing in the home-services industry.”

Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., CopperPoint shares office space with 1248 Holdings on the Country Club Plaza, making it easily accessible to the entire country. Hamilton, Brown and Scharosch are all native to the Kansas City metro area.


About CopperPoint:

CopperPoint is an investment company specializing in the home-services industry. Distinguished by its focus on leadership and legacy advancement for plumbing, heating, air and electrical companies, CopperPoint invests in – and amplifies the potential of – home-services businesses and the people who work in them every day.

About 1248 Holdings

1248 Holdings is a family-owned private investment company with strong entrepreneurial roots, and a Founding Partner of CopperPoint. With a history of partnering with good people to build exceptional businesses, 1248 Holdings is a multi-generation organization with extensive experience in the realm of closely held family businesses. 1248 makes and manages direct investments in operating businesses, funds, late-stage venture, private equity and real estate, and provides a variety of support services for its partners – including finance, accounting, legal, information technology, and human resources.


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